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The “Salvenkirche” – Austrias highest pilgrimage church
Since it is easy to reach the Hohe Salve and the church on its summit, they remain a very popular destination still today.

The name "Salve" can be traced to the well-known Latin greeting "Hail", and in truth the mountain peak greets you from every point of the compass.

The church was first mentioned in the Cheimseer Matrikel in 1589 as a subsidiary of the Brixen parish church. It was rebuilt in 1612. The first Holy Mass was celebrated there in 1617 by the parish priest, Fr Ambros Strasser.

In 1619 and 1640 the church was destroyed by lightning, and was rebuilt in the following years for 1800 Gulden. On 24 August 1645 the new place of worship was blessed by the Prince-Bishop of Chiemsee, Count von Spauer.

The actual object of cult on the Salve is a "prayerful head of St John"; so this is probably the most important site for venerating the head of St John in present-day Tyrol.

If you want more information about the Hohe Salve and the church on its summit, you can join a guided tour every Wednesday during the Summer Season from May to October.